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How do I get to see a lawyer?

Call or write to us. If you have an employment claim, fill out the employment claim questionnaire, here. Typically, Vic Glasberg or his associate will conduct an initial interview over the telephone. This permits us to learn whether we may be in a position to help you, to suggest things to do immediately – or not to do – and to tell you what to bring to the office if an office consultation is indicated.

Do you charge for initial consultations?

Initial telephone interviews are free. Whether we charge for initial office consultations depends on the circumstances of the case. We consider the relevant facts and law, the nature and duration of the requested and anticipated work, and the client’s ability to pay. You will not incur any financial obligation to the firm without having agreed to it in advance.

Do you represent clients on a contingent fee basis?

Yes. Much of our litigation is done on a full or partial contingency fee basis, i.e., we get paid all or part of our fee on an agreed basis only if the client recovers. Cases not involving recovery of money, or where payment of attorney’s fees by a losing defendant is unavailable, typically require payment of fees by the client.

Do you represent defendants in civil cases?

Occasionally. We do not represent persons because they are plaintiffs; we represent persons who we believe have been wrongfully victimized. We have represented defendants who, after careful examination of the facts, we found to have been wrongfully accused.

Do you negotiate or assess employment contracts, severance agreements or other work-related legal documents?


Do you enter into written agreements with clients?

Yes, except in cases of limited consultations. When faced with exigencies requiring action before a formal agreement can be finalized, we will enter into a written agreement as soon as possible thereafter.

Do you advance the costs associated with litigation?

Ordinarily, clients are required to cover costs incurred in litigation.  In appropriate circumstances, we advance costs pending the conclusion of the case.

How do you bill?

We send statements to our clients at the start of each month. Clients paying hourly fees receive an itemization of work done, by attorney, day and time. All clients receive an itemization of costs charged to their respective accounts. Bills are payable on receipt.

What are your hours?

We are usually available from 9 until 6 during the week. In appropriate cases, we will see clients at other times as well.

In which courts do you practice?

We practice in all courts in Virginia and in the District of Columbia. Most of our cases are litigated in the federal court in Alexandria. With the assistance of local counsel, we can practice in courts in other states as well.

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